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Nov 27, 2010
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PayBox is developing an online currency and payment processing service to make buying and selling online easier, more secure and available to everyone.

We're designing our service with the help of a dedicated group of EarlyBird users who are contributing ideas and feedback.

Stages of development planned to launch in 2011:

* Person-to-Person transactions.
* Small Business integration, including payment processing modules for all popular shopping cart software.
* Mid-sized Business integration.
* Major Online Store integration.
* Debit Card linked to your PayBox account.
* Currency exchange with all major world currencies.

We Offer:

$25 for registration in your account balance when registered
$20 Every Day, for submitting online surveys and stay active to your account
$10 for every person you refer to us
Alright can you answer me the following questions:

Does it really earn $

When do you get paid 10 for reffering someone ?

Do you get the 10 via paypal when they just join up and do nothing more ?
''Does it really earn $''

Yes it does pays cash to your account. By the time you register your balance account will fill with $25
This money will be in your account balance until May, when you can withdraw them in any currency you want.

''When do you get paid 10 for reffering someone ?''

When a referred person sign up, your account balance will increased $10 more and the payment will complete at the end of May 2011

''Do you get the 10 via paypal when they just join up and do nothing more ?''

Currently the team of the project is working to develop:

* Debit cards linked to PayBox accounts.
* Easily buy and sell using your PayBox account.
* Easily send and receive money using your PayBox account.
* Purchase from nearly any online merchant.
* Withdraw to nearly any bank account world-wide.
* Possibly withdraw to other online payment processors.
* In-exchange from any major world currency.
* Out-exchange to any major world currency.
Alright quite nice! Sad it does take some months before you get the money for real. Are you staff there ?

Any way to contact the founders of that site ?
I am not in the stuff, I only help the site to get grow. It's sad and not. Think the all idea like a good investment for Summer! Also I want to inform to you that in couple of days they will be add a new online merchant store, so the money in our accounts can go if not all for withdrawing and to things we would like to buy.
The founders holding a Blog that when you are registering you subscribe and stay informed daily. There is no other way to communicate.
You will never get paid. Companies don't just give out $25 to thousands of people and then $10 more per referral.
agentsantactu said:
You will never get paid. Companies don't just give out $25 to thousands of people and then $10 more per referral.

That's what made me suspicious. :shrug:
agentsantactu said:
You will never get paid. Companies don't just give out $25 to thousands of people and then $10 more per referral.

You may have right or you may have not. Companies who want to keep their employees happy create an environment where they can feel challenged, feel that their contributions hold value
and are recognized for their efforts, boost the employees to become more engaged in their work. This
increased level of engagement leads to a higher quality of service or product, and, ultimately, a
better bottom line.
I understand they want to create a happy environment but they would be spending $50 million for this environment. Tell me that's not a scam.
There is also no way to speak to the owners either which is quite weird
Hello guys! I have good news.
I just learn for the Merchant Interest Survey of Paybox!

Here it is:

''This project is the current focus of our developers. Once launched, it will allow our users to vote on where they would most like to spend their PayBox account balance. This will help us know where to direct our efforts when we begin working to “Open the Box”.

Estimated launch: Within the next 2 weeks.''

Looks I'm going to work on it! :)

But here I have better news!

The Growth Project

This is the blog post:

''Not a lot of details are available on this project yet. However, I can say that it is designed to put more power in the hands of PayBox users. It will give more rewards, including cash payments outside your PayBox balance. It will help our users to spread the word about PayBox, which will ultimately allow us to begin working to “Open the Box” and turn PayBox into a full-featured payment processor.

Estimated launch: Sometime before January 15.''

Looks it is going to be better and better with the time!

Come join me to PayBox
$25 per registration? You've got to be kidding me, no offense.

$5 per registration would've sounded a bit more convincing.
chief said:
If $25 are not convincing enough then what? :great:

PayBox want to attract more subscribers for the project to achieve the final goal to open the box thats why it pays well.

You didn't understand me. $25/registration doesn't sound convincing at all. In other words, it's a bogus scam - a waste of time. If they offered $5 per registration, then perhaps maybe more people would fall for it. See what I'm saying?

With that in mind, have you ever been paid? Can you prove it? Or are you just drooling over your large fake account balance? Sorry for the attitude, but I have no respect for these unethical companies.

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