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Apr 7, 2007
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What do you prefer, a PC or a laptop?
I prefer PC but I wouldn't mind a laptop for when I'm wanting to be in bed and surf the net..
I prefer a laptop. They don't have as much memory to the hard drive yes, but they are conveniant when mobility is needed. Satellite internet cards really help. And they have a touchpad or touch screen...PCs are waaay more powerful though. They have up to terra bytes now. Some have quad core processors. The laptop I have has dual-core. So I guess they both are equal...
I do prefer my PC but i also sometimes have my Laptop beside me to surf with if i'm doing lots of photoshop graphics on the desktop!

The laptop is sweet for holidays to watch TV and Movies on though :)
A laptop :)
I like both, which I like better all depends on time of night, and where I am.

I don't own a laptop, but I have tried one.

At home I of course prefer PC. On the go, laptop.
Hyper_sniper said:
Labtop, it's not as slow as my PC
well then you need a new PC ~razz~
PC over Laptop, i only use my laptop when i wanna lie on the couch and watch tv, or in bed because im too tired. But even then, i remote desktop my PC, so im still using it :D
a pc but im actually typing this and surfing on a PSP!! :laughing: no seriously

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