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Jan 14, 2008
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Site Name Playstation Revamped (PSRV for short)
Site URL (IE) (FF)
Description A gaming forum using a similar design of the long departed Official Playstation forums blue theme (something a lot of members have wanted back). Once you sign up access to the following:

- Ad-free
- The controversial forum
- Shoutbox
- Jukebox
- Arcade
- Alternative skins

We also have a guest board with a shoutbox for guests here:

Your Name on the Board dynastygal
Your forum looks cool, and it has a nice amount of activity, but it confused the hell out of me at first. It took me a little to realize those images were links to the forums. At first I just thought you had to register to see the forums.

You might want to consider changing that around, because it isn't exactly friendly to prospective members, in spite of looking nice.
Hey nice work there on your forums. I like the layout of the images and may have been a little confused if i had not have read the above post ;)

I am an xbox fan however and don't have a ps or i would join. Your board seems very clean.

Keep up the good work, and maybe put a note somewhere explaining that the images are for the forums ;) just because there are other "Ads" on your site too
Heh, I would've thought it was obvious with them being labeled :s As for the image link to forum style it shan't be changed due to what it's meant to be semi-replicating (an old look of some very old forums that no longer exist).

You don't have to be a outright playstation fan to join - we do have a section for microsoft consoles and nintendo consoles and all the oldies.

Anyways, thanks, I'll bare the message to newbies idea in mind, it's just implementing it - I'm trying to get rid of the crowding on the main page.
To be honest, it looks disgusting!

The ads should be placed at the bottom of the website and a banner should be at the top!

We don't have ads anymore. Sorry you don't like the style. It wasn't easy to make due to the coder wasting months procrastinating and the admin team having little to no coding skills.

Also, I had to make a lot of the buttons, and I'm shit at photoshop :\
Lol, didn't know we were allowed to bump...I don't usually do this but it'd be nice to have more opinions on it.
Haven't bumped in ages, so might as well...main reason for bump is to say atm the forum is IE compatible due to proboards v4.5 upgrade not fully implemented yet and no idea how long it will take.

Also we have ad-free once logged in. As well as an arcade which was put on about a month or so ago.
Goodluck on your forum(s)!

Hope you have an successful forum and remember, never give up!
I like the way you've made it different and you access each section.

I usually don't like proboards but this board looks nice.
Just to let people know, we've got a halloween theme on at the moment, and will be doing some forum competitions (with forum related prizes) for halloween, as well as a change your name day.
This is a really good forum!

Great job on it! ~biggrin~

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