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Jun 28, 2010
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I dunno if I'm making a big deal out of nothing, but I've seen this very often, it often seems that members ignore some of your posts or even misread some of your posts and just replies straight ahead. Not a good thing to do. Especially in the job seeking area as well as the exchange area. If a person's asking for a blog comment/posts or comments, do not suggest a 3/3 or a facebook like. And if a person's searching for a specific type of forum to be staff on, please if your forum doesn't actually isn't about the topics the job seeker is asking, don't even reply. If of course, the person didn't specify that he/she absolutely won't check your proposed forums. I personally find it lacking of respect and very irritating.
We can't prevent stupid posts. It's a shame, but some people just don't pay attention or don't care.
Indeed and there are those who have just some problems in the head. Of not knowing how to behave and deal with people on FP.

Example you start a promotion forum you work quite on it with a partner you hired on FP. You launch it the, second day of launch the founder wants to sell the site right away on FP!

You know what I am thinking about that? That guy even calls him self professional. I am not naming anyone of course.
Hey guys can someone explain what this topic is about I never read the previous posts.

Just kidding, but that's what everyone who makes those stupid posts should say. So I agree, it is irritating, but there isn't anything we can do to stop it, but reporting it.
This topic is suggesting or questioning something about the forum. You're questioning about the users that post on the forum. We can't control how a user wants to respond to a topic. No matter how disrespectful or how stupid they may respond. Archiving this.

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