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Oct 9, 2007
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I'll Have This Review Done For You In About 5-15 Minutes​
Number Of Members: 34 - 8.2/10 - Very good amount of members considering your forum hasn't even been open a month!

Number Of Active Members: 21 (Members who have made 1 post or more) - 8/10 - Very good amount, more than half of your members have made at least 1 post. Thats a good amount as usually its only a quarter of the members who are active.

Number Of Posts (Spam Or Otherwise): 589 - 7.3/10 - Good amount of posts for 34 members. Most of your members have more than 10 posts.

Appearance (First Impressions): 9/10 - I have mixed feeling about the appearance of your forum. The green is quite shocking, but i have been browsing your forum for a while now and I've got used to it and doesn't actually look as bad as i thought. Your banner/logo is very nice and fits the forum style very well. You have just enough forums too! The only thing that i think isn't very nice is the new posts and no new posts icons, you should think about changing them.

Layout: 10/10 - Layout is perfect, just the right amount of forums and i like how you have the forums in the center.

Moderation: 6/10 - You as the admin is a 10/10 but thats it, you dont have anymore staff. I understand that your forum hasn't even been open a month yet but the sooner yet get staff, the better! I suggest posting a topic in the "Recruitment" forum.

Activity: 8/10 - Your forum seems quite active, you have quite alot of posts for the amount of members you have and 19 members have visited your forum in the past 24 hours which is a good amount.

Overall Mark (Out Of 100): 85 - Overall your forum is fantastic! The biggest let down is the moderation. So i suggest recruiting staff as soon as possible.

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Dunno, i just don't they suit a Chamillionaire forum.

They look like lizards to me.

:roll: :lol:

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