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Posts for FP

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Jan 8, 2011
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5 posts - Available

10 posts - Available

20 posts - Available

Alternatively you can just pay 9Fp per post. If request is over 30 posts, it will cost 12 fp and please allow me enough time to complete your request.

Note: Don't expect me to do 30 posts on a forum with 3 topics and 2 members.

Extra note: I have the right to deny a request if I feel I won't be able to fulfill it. :yes:

-]Currently Closed[-
How many posts will you do on http://www.bituser.com for 50fp?
Bid here!

Re: 50fp post bid

1 post.
Re: 50fp post bid

Gamingon, looks like you may have it. I will give it a bit more time, but It seems to be stuck on ten. Thats 5fp a post, lol.
Re: 50fp post bid

Sorry, No, Thats a very long time. Thanks for the offer though ;). I just don't know what could change in that time :).
Re: 50fp post bid

Gamingon, you win! Please post 10 posts on BitUser to receive your 50fp. Also, please reply to this topic within 24hours or else I will cancel the offer..

Bump. Gamingon, you have lost the deal because you didnt reply.
do you take registers? 25 per register or make an blog post on my Website for 90 FP.
So you would like me to register for 25fp per register? I'll do that :D
Ok. I will do some registrations for you :D. I'll tell you when I am done.
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