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Your logo image must have expired from the host or something.

i cant believe it was not showing for over 24 hours, none of the members complained about it though, maybe it was not showing in some parts of the country?, DSi told me that it was not showing yesterday and its been over 24 hours, i didnt change it then because it was still working for me, but now i hosted it on my private hosting.
Fowler said:
Nice forum and you have the first logo i have seen that get blocked by NoScript -lol- , however it is a good logo but it takes about a year and a day to load.

really? it loads really fast for me, like a normal image.. its a flash logo, but when you enter the sections like "introduce yourself" it becomes a static logo
It takes about a minute for the whole logo to load and all the people to appear... After it has loaded it i have no problems and it goes through the sequence of people appearing much quicker.

Anyway it is going very good by the looks of things.
Incredible forum!

As others have said, it's a nice clean look, clutter-free and appropriately separated sections. The animated gif icons are nicely done, and fit with the theme well.

Personally, i dont have any technical problems with your banner. If i could make one or two suggestions, they'd be to format the font of your PM link. Secondly, i'd seriously consider upgrading to Phpbb 3.0x.

Good luck
Good idea for forum, according to my experience such forums always get traffic

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