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Dec 7, 2010
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Name of Forum: BRINK FORUM
Forum Link: http://www.inbrinkforum.com
Type of Review ( Quick Review / Forum Review / Blog Review ): QUICK
Date Forum Opened: 1.12.2010
Demo Account for reviewer (Supplied by requester): n/a
Additional Notes: forum dedicated to Brink the Game

thanks! hope to see 95+

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The portal is very nice! It is not like many that I have seen. It is clean, organized, and no useless features. Very nice addition and helpful too!

This is probably the best theme I have seen made for VB. The transparency is at a perfect level between the background and the main content. I also like the background image. Very clear and clean and clearly shows what the forum is about.

Also, the header following you when you scroll is also very nice and not in the way! :great:

The text is a little hard to read. I am not exactly sure what color it should be in order for it to look better, but as it is, it does make it challenging to read a big block of text and not get a headache for trying to focus on so many things.

I'd say remove some of the generalized/off topic chat forums. Graphics may be good a sub category for people making graphics related to the game. I think the Spam forum should be removed entirely. It just makes your forum look, dirty.

13yh2c5.jpgFinal/General Thoughts:
Very nice design and makes me want to know more about the game.
What was most liked about the website/forums:
The design
What was disliked most about the website/forums:
Font color
Final Score : Score - 8 (Out of 10)

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thats very interesting review. hm...
so you think i should remove spam.. well, ok:)


ps. where i can send my cash>?
ps2. more about the game? :) all articles are in "home" section
xTriXxy said:
thats very interesting review. hm...
so you think i should remove spam.. well, ok:)


ps. where i can send my cash>?
ps2. more about the game? :) all articles are in "home" section
No problem! Glad I could help :)

The cash will be deducted from your account by the Review Team Leader - No need to worry about it and thanks! I will defiantly look for that! :)
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