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Jun 3, 2013
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Type of Graphic: Ranks
Size in pixels: 130x30
Type of payment: $1.50 Paypal
Link to forum or screenshot: localhost
Colour scheme: blue, grey and red if poss.
Text / Subtext on image:
Rank 1: Webbed Member
Rank 2: Webbed Staff
Rank 3: Webbed Premium
Link to images (if applicable): http://www.iconarchive.com/show/pastel- ... -icon.html at the left of all three ranks.
Notes?: Thanks :heart:

Would like this rounded.
I'll try this tomorrow. :D
Hmmm.. Could you try with a bold font?
That's nice :shock: If you can make the other two that would be good.
So you'd like the full set and you're buying it right?

I don't want to make the full set and then you tell me that you dont want it. :p

P.S- the other two in red and grey right?
I obviously mucked up on my words. I meant I want half red, half blue on each rank. Not separate. :lol:
Would it be okay if I used the current colors, just changed the text and maybe the text color for the Staff and Premium?

What colors do you want the Staff text and Premium text to be?
Okay. I guess my idea will get too complicated.

Member: White
Staff: Blue
Premium: Red
Hmmm... The rounding doesn't really round right. :shake:
Well it can't be perfectly round. Pixel's are square so they cant really be curved. Examine any work carefully and its not exactly round.

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