Review Please!

Number Of Members: 58 - 3.5/10 - Poor amount of members being as your forum has been running from september and its a promotion forum, which means that you should have alot of people intrested.

Number Of Active Members: Nearly All Of Them - 9/10 - Your members seem to have logged in at one time, apart from one. Which is very good.

Number Of Posts (Spam Or Otherwise): 1254 - 8/10 - Very good amount of posts for the amount of members you have, although that can be expected when you have the 5 posts required rule before people can promote.

Appearance (First Impressions): 2/10 - Appearance is very poor, the theme/style is very red, although that is a very popular theme/style i think you should change it, the header is very very poor and it doesent even fit properly.

Layout: 7/10 - Good amount of forums, which is good.

Moderation: 5/10 - Moderation is OK, the admin has posted 20% of the forum but one of the moderators only has 50 posts.

Activity: 6/10 - Quite a active forum but that can be expected as its a promotion forum.

Overall Mark (Out Of 100): 42 - I suggest changing the appearance of your forum, the header is terrible.

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