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Number of Members:

Number of Active Members:

I can't tell what the number of active members are because i can't see the members list. The number of total members is 51. (6/10)

Number of Posts (spam or otherwise):

For 51 members the amount of post on your site is very good: 1359 (I have to asume that all or most of your members arew active. (you made only 330 of them post your self) (8/10)

Appearance (first impressions):

The forum at first glance is very nice, the light skin is nice but you need a better logo that fits (See the forumpromotion's graphics request) If you could center your logo that would be nice, but apart from the logo the rest looks ok. (7/10)

As its only a small forum, it looks good the way it is layed out, You have made no use of sub-section (but there is no need untill you expand)

The is a modorator on every section and your forum looks under controle ( so i can't falt the modoration. (10/10)

Activity: As i can see the activety is very good on your site, lot of posting members, i think you need to add more content to increes activety on your site. But for the amout of members to the amount of active members you have your doing well

Overall mark (out of 100):45%

Note: You have a grate forum there, good luck

The corect ammount of cash you be taken from your account by Efc2007 or Fowler

Thanks for getting a revieu for porumpromotion


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