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Seeking one individual to copy and paste links

How many links are there?
Theres a lot! over 500+ links to copy and paste.

I dont expect you to finish all in one day, but I would like this done quick.
Alright. I will as long as you don't find someone else like last time. :roll:

Dy.namik said:
How many links are there?

If you are interested in doing this, I can split up the work since theres a lot of links to post.
Looking for someone with MSN or Skype! PM me your MSN / Skype username so I can contact you.
Fluffybunny said:
Still waiting for a reply to the PM I sent.

Your not signed onto MSN, and you dont have any other method to talk to online. I really need to start on the project now.
Sorry, on it now if you're still interested.
hey your not coming online on facebook niether you are telling by PM .what's the matter sng ?
Looking for someone to complete more links, PM me if interested.
Theres about a couple hundreds left, PM me your MSN and I will contact you on what to do. Please also include your Paypal address.
Your not showing on my list, msg me on msn I added you.

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