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Jun 3, 2013
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I've added two private nameservers into my WHM/Alpha but how do I actually get the nameservers working? I added the IP nameservers to my GoDaddy account but it says that the nameservers don't exist.
You will have to add 2 host through the domain panel on your godaddy account. Its really simple you add the host and the ip address for the first name server and do the exact same for the second nameserver

But if you did not understand that, I found this article on the godaddy knowledge base

Hope it help :)

If you are having problems, I can do it for you just PM me.
Thought I had done it correctly. Thanks for clearing it up for me :) I thought I had done something wrong but I guess I just have to wait for it to go through the system.
The DNS propagation could take up to 72hours to be fully working.

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