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Nov 23, 2007
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Anyone looking forward to this game? I sure am seeing as i have the original and the gamecube sequel which were both really good.The newest installtment (due out February next year) looks be shaping up quite nicely too.

I just wish that they would put Roy in again, he was awesome.

Delete this please, my topic got posted twice for some reason
Heh heh. Can't wait to beat my brother at it ~biggrin~
I can't wait! I hope Olimar, Vaati, and an Animal Crossing kid make it in.
Marth was my favorite, but I'm sure Ike is going to be a fine replacement, IF he's even replaced.
I'm definetely getting this game too! Kirby, MK and Dedede for the win!
Cant wait to get it i like the ever growing list of characters that are on the game. All the previews ive read sound real good.
Smash Bros. was one of those games that made buying a Nintendo console worthwhile.

Hopefully they don't botch Sonic in this game like they do in his actual games (modern ones, that is) :p
The worst part was when they said delayed
I can't wait to purchase this game in February. Melee gave me hundreds of hours of play, and I'm sure Brawl will give me just as much.

Looking forward to newcomers like Meta Knight, Sonic, Diddy, and more.

I'm hoping Ness wasn't cut, though.
brawl looks awsome but the gameplay would be weird for the wii controller
DAXLO said:
brawl looks awsome but the gameplay would be weird for the wii controller
You can play with the game cube controller :) .

Yeah, the game is going to pwn at everything. I really can't wait for online play! The only thing I am worried about is that they made the characters taht were the best in Melee, like Fox and link, less powerful to be fair or whatever.

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