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Jun 3, 2013
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How much Spending Money do you get weekly? I usually get $100 or more sometimes after paying bills. I only have to pay for rent. XD
Eh, nothing. My parents occasionally give me $10 a week. Those are the times when I miss my summer job and making up to $60 and even more sometimes a week. Doesn't sound like much, but it's better that nothing and knowing I earned it made it even better!

Fingers crossed that I get a job on campus that I've been interviewed for!!
I earn about £1600 a month. I work as IT Support at a Secondary School. Pretty good job, very easy.
I do my best to save most my money. My family calls me a "tight wad", but I look at it as that at the end of the day, I got money and they don't, then they wonder where there money is.

It all depends on the week. One week a month, I don't get any bills. :cheer: On that week, probably around $100 - $150. On the other weeks, probably around $200 - $250.
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I tend to make around $15,000 a month from selling quality herbs to loyal customers.

What kind of herbs?

Smokable ones.
lol, what kind? :p

Obvious answer is obvious.

I spend around £1000 a month so far, investing and on runescape. Sad as it is :D

I own over 10 sites, all bringing in revenue and I sell eBooks on a few different forums.
I normally make around $100 a week from my job. I try and save it all since I don't pay for anything. I'll be getting a new car soon, so should start saving haha.

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