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Jul 10, 2007
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Do some of your staff fill out mini-roles besides being staff? Mine do.

I am the contest manager, although anyone can suggest ideas.

Jake30502 is the main GRFX manager, compliment him for my forum's sweet banners.

And LoverofYoshi is the official psychopath. She instills fear and terror. Joking. She's actually very nice, and her need of anger management is a myth. But still, one of the worst forms of federal punishment is to wear a shirt saying, "I spammed on aXing," and then meet her walking down the street...

The things she actually does include managing Weekly Polls (most of the time), being admin when I am away, and adding :mrgreen: smilies to the titles of all the official threads!
Not really.

We don't have head of graphics or head of reviews or anything. CarsonK is probable the only member what does a mini role. He is always doing contests.
Also, I also the position and permissions of a Reviewer if that is considered a Mini-Role.

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