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Dec 11, 2007
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I would like to request a review of TUFv2 please.

URL is http://tufv2.org

We have 15 members and 337 posts currently

Many Thanks
Number Of Members: 15 - 3/10 - Very poor amount of members, although you have quite alot of posts.

Number Of Active Members: Most - 7/10 - I had a quick look and most members are active, you have some good members on your forum (Van1lla, tymon)

Number Of Posts (Spam Or Otherwise): 341 - 8/10 - Very good amount of posts considering you only have 15 members, but obviously, it could be better.

Appearance (First Impressions): 2/10 - The appearance is awful in my opinion, that theme is ugly and the layout is horrible! Although the banner is ok.

Layout: 2/10 - The layout is horrible, i don't like the way the forums are in the middle and you have information both sides of the forum.

Moderation: 7/10 - Good moderation, you seem to have quite a lot of posts, and everything is under control by the look of it.

Activity: 8/10 - Very active members you have there, your very active, but than can be expected as your the owner, and most of the other members are active too.

Overall Mark (Out Of 100): 42 - The let down on the forum is the appearance and layout, you don't have many members either, although i guess you will get more over time.

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Thankyou Victim, is it the Christmas theme you don't like? As a guest that is what you see.

There is also a function that allows you to hide the menus on the right (I think!)

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