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Jun 24, 2007
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Site Name: The Gaming Center
Site URL: http://www.gamingcenter.freeforums.org
Description: A place to talk about YOUR games
Your Name on the Board: MostWanted
Additional Comments:

We have a place to talk about games in general...and a place to talk about...well...nothing important at all!

We are just getting this going...talk about PC games such as:
-Americas Army
-Battlefield [All Versions]
-Call of Duty
-Counter Strike
-War Rock
-World of Warcraft

Not what you are looking for? Suggest a game to be added to the forum!
I hate to say it, but your color scheme is awkward. The text is too small and too dark for me to read clearly :(
We do have other styles to choose from.

However, thank you for the input. I will be changing the default style to RedGlass.

We new have a Clan Recruitment section! Recruit for your squad/clan/guild here!

New sections added:
UnReal Tournament
Gran Turismo
Can you please bump your topic every 7 days not 4.
It's a nice idea for a forum, but dark red on black looks too 'late 90s website'-y, and I think you have a few too many forums for one just starting.
Sorry efc

Kuwabaratheman - There are so many forums because people have asked for them.

Thank you Sanji
Nice site, I will say I had to squint to focus on the blue text in the forum part, and the light grey at the bottom in the forum parts. Looks awesome though

Thank you for the comments!

Yes, it is hard to find the 'perfect' style.
It looks like a good forum. My suggestion would be to make the width smaller.
ToyotaFan said:
It looks like a good forum. My suggestion would be to make the width smaller.

Ahh, thank you for the advice!
I've wondered that for a while now...as far as I know there is no way to edit the width of a style?

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