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Jan 20, 2010
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Site Name: The Track List
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Description: The #1 new source for emerging artists, major releases, interviews, and other music
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The Track List is a brand new music website, and community. Our goal is to present our users with reviews, interviews, and news from up and coming artists, and local bands. We are also building our content team up to review major releases by your favorite artists. Our main website will soon feature a "Band of the Week" page where we will do a feature article for the band voted on by our members. The main website will also feature an interviews/reviews page, as well as a media page for streaming music and videos (all legally obtained, with permissions). The main website is still under construction while we gather a dedicated content team.

Our community is officially launched. We would like to build up and active member base so that when we launch our main website we can share it with as many people as we can. We just finished our forum theme. We have sections for all major music genre's as well as an "Other" section for every other genre (we didn't want to have a lot of boards because some were inevitably going to be inactive). We also have an off-topic section to discuss anything. We have a section called "The Local Venue" where members can promote their favorite local bands and shows. We also feature a member review section. We believe in having an interactive experience with ALL of our users. This section allows our members to write their own reviews of their favorite bands/artists, album releases, songs, etc. If we like the article we will feature it on the home page of the main website.

Music is the #1 common interest of the world. Every race, religion, group, country, whatever has their own different kinds of music. Come join us! Help us grow, and share with us your views on music, your favorite bands/artists, as well as any other interest you have. We love making new friends!
Looks like a good start, but I'd suggest finishing your website before promoting it; most people won't join an unfinished website ;)
I'm only promoting the community for right now. The forums are done with the exception of the theme.
Yeah you definitely need to get a theme and get rid of that phpbb default and a logo as well...
It's all being worked on right now. While we're updating everything we want to increase our active users and get the community started up. Feel free to register everyone!
Just added a new theme to the forum! All we need now is some people to talk to :).

Everyone loves music, so come share your favorite genres/bands/artists with us!!
The theme has been completed! Come tell us your favorite bands/artists! We love meeting new people, and talking about music!
We now have 13 members. We are slowly growing. Come chat with us. Talk about all different kinds of music. You can also chat in our off-topic section. We'd love to have you!
Come check out our new theme! We have 13 members. I know that every single person on here likes some type of music. Come tell us your favorites!
14 members now! Just created a few new topics. Come check them out. Reply to something that interests you. Create a new topic about anything you feel like sharing. What kinds of music do you like? Do you play any instruments? Do you know a local band that wants to get their name out their? We have a local band promotion section!

Are you a music critic/reviewer? We have a member reviews section. If we like your article it'll get featured on the home page!

We are having a referral contest. Whoever refers the most members that make at least 5 posts by the end of February will win an official The Track List t-shirt from our merch store. Come join us!
16 members! I've created a whole bunch of topics for everyone to post in. Come post a topic of your own! We want new friends. Everyone in the world likes some type of music. Come help us grow, and become even more active.

We still have our t-shirt contest going!
17 members! Join now. Tell us what kind of music you like. Drop by and make a suggestion on what you would like to see from us!
We hit 20 members today! All of our forums are active! Come join us. Share you favorite bands with us. Tell us about your local artists. Talk about anything in our off-topic section.

We are still having our referral contest. Win a free t-shirt!
I am also interview a band called "Crown The Empire" It should be posted sometime tomorrow! Come by and check that out.

Register and make some suggestions in our feedback board.

Bring your friends!

If you own your own small music community, why not merge it into ours! We can combine them to make one large active community.

Total posts 227
Total topics 69
Total members 20
Our newest member shortstacm
What's your favorite band/artist? Come register and tell us!

Total posts 264
Total topics 76
Total members 22
Our newest member Lounger
We had a pretty busy day yesterday! 4 new members! Come be a part of a growing music community. Tell us who your favorite bands and artists are! Post some videos or streaming songs.

Total posts 321
Total topics 86
Total members 26
Our newest member whittakehoi

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