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Apr 10, 2010
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Name of Forum: TheHostBox
Forum Link:
Type of Review ( Quick Review / Forum Review / Blog Review ): Forum Review
Date Forum Opened: Can't Remember :shrug:
Demo Account for reviewer (Supplied by requester): User: FPDemo Password: Email Me
Additional Notes: The Client area can't be themed because the script is really hard to theme due to most files being encrypted.
Can you please either post the password or PM it to me, thank you.

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The password is post123

I did send Ryan, the password.


The new password is post123
...Just a note, you have requested a Full Forum Review, you should have posted the link to your forum, not your website. If want a website review, you are to request a quick review.

Your Forum Review

First Impressions & Appearance - (Out of 20)

Amazing colors and great theme. The integration is so-so, not great but good. The colors match up, the links and pretty much everything is fine but I just can't help it but realize that the menu bars are not at the same position. Also, the live chat button, it seems as if it's simply a background image which is not clickable. From a quick skim of your forum layout and style, it looked very professional and simply a well done design. However, once I looked at your links, the hover color is black, from a pale green to black is not a good transition, it only exacerbates the theme/overall color. People on the internet are fastidious, you have to extremely careful about pretty much everything. Very important aspect, your logo, on your main website it looked extremely clear and very nice; on your forum however, it seems to be stretched out and blurry. Overall, the theme is very conciliatory and you did a great job.
(Scored 18/20)

Site Layout - (Out of 20)

Your forums are laid out in a very good order. You have our general forum forums first, then you prioritize your hosting service related forums to general discussion forums. However, I would suggest that since your forum is very new, barely have posts, reduce the number of forums, perhaps for now remove the off topic category and simply have a general discussion forum. Later as you grow, you would expand to these forums once again.
(Scored 17/20)

Statistics and Activity - (Out of 20)

Considering the fact this is a hosting service forum, I do not expect very high stats. What I really loved is the fact that you are trying to fill up the forums as much as possible and have not left any forums empty. But many of your forums have 1 post, try to increase those numbers to at least 3/4. Request our posting services to help you boast your initial activity. Same goes for your activity, as it is a hosting forum, it will not have an exuberance of activity.
(Scored 17/20)

Staff Moderation - (Out of 20)

You currently have one administrator and two support members on your forums, this is a very good number to start with. However, I felt that you should at least have 1 forum moderator to maintain forum activities such as spam posts etc. Comparing post counts with the staff members, all of your staff have similar amount of posts, which is great as it shows their participation in your community.
(Scored 18/20)

Spelling/Grammar & Professionalism - (Out of 20)

I was unable to find any spelling errors, however I have spotted several grammar mistakes such as " don't be shy post it here, or just want to give general feedback here the place to post it." Your obvious grammar mistakes have brought down your site's professionalism tremendously. A website that is serious cannot have such simple mistakes. Your website/forum design implies extreme professionalism, however your post quality, forum descriptions etc have affected that tone.

(Scored 15/20)
Total Score - 85(Out of 100)

Final Remarks:

What was most liked about the website/forums:

Great great design and integrations.
What was disliked most about the website/forums:

Lack of professionalism.

How could I get you (The Reviewer) to join my website?

If I need web hosting :).

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