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Feb 19, 2010
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So i need help with figuring out how many tokens are worth. For anybody who dosn't get this, on my forum we have a currency(tokens) that can be bought with real money to buy things like games.
well, you start off with 200 tokens and for every post you gain 5
It's a little hard to determine their worth. I'd say about 300-400 because of that initial 200. Then it would be about 100-200 left, and if you have 5 per post, there would be about 20-40 posts made, so that's a fair amount for a dollar. It also depends on what you can get with the points.
It really depends on all the different ways you can obtain Tokens and what you can buy with your Tokens.
well, the only things you can buy with the tokens is games, since we make them
Best way is to work how much value a new item that someone can buy on your website, so lets say for example you sell games on your site. Your selling Kaadu's ping pong. It is worth $10 real money, so lets say you wish to make it so you get $10, you would make your money value to match so if you wish to make it 1000 tokens to get this game, make it $1 = 100 tokens.
How many tokens do you need to buy a game?

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