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May 31, 2007
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Site Name: User's Union
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Description: A union founded by users and supported a majority of admins for the mutual benefit of both. Setting A Code of standard for the internet established by the very people who made the WWW what it is to day... the users
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Additional Comments*Right now I am into a very large campaign to visit sites and get them registered under the union. Any help is appreciated...

Site NameUser's Union
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The Fisrt: Users Union

I have spent the last three months scouring the interwebs in search of opinions and advice from all different kinds of communities. When I was done I decided to take all that information and put it into action in creating the first online union.

The following are my accomplishements:

- I have devised a simple method for users to easily participate and join.

- I have devised a system by which to create the User's Constitution.

- All rules and laws can be ammended by users

And we are working to do the following:

- Create a balance of power between users and admin

I am currently looking for people:

- to write laws

- to take posistions of power (Ex. Generals, Mods, Assistant admins etc.)

The first step in this is to finish the constitution I am doing all I can, but I need people who really want to do something and make a difference on the internet. If you have personal experience of the injustices of the internet or would like to help the rest of us do something about it than we must unite. And the first step is to unite.
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