Would love a review!

Number of Members:
I cannot see how long your forum has been open for because it says 2008 but 73 members seems ok for a football forum
Number of Active Members:
53 members have 0 posts,8 members have 1-5 posts. I dont know if there real people spambots or you have made them so it looks like you have alot of members. If they are real people you really need to get them to post.
Number of Posts (spam or otherwise):
891 7/10
891 posts is a fair amount seems hardly any of your members are active
Appearance (first impressions):
I really dislike that skin especially the black and white pattern in the background, it really does not go with the green maintitles. I dont think the logo really suits the skin either.
Your layout is ok but there is room for improvement. You need somewere to post your site news etc
you have a good amount of moderators who do a good job.
There is alot to talk about on your forum(well thats if you know about football)
Overall mark (out of 100):
60/100 You need to work on your forum alot
i am actually disappointed with your review.

I agree with members and active members, really would love a lot more members to join and post

Moderators 7/10?? there are mods for each forum, and there is no offensive language, spammers, etc, so how its not 9 or 10 out of 10 i dont know

And now to the part that i really disagree ... Appearance and layout

The skin is very effective, makes the actual forum jump out at you. I also dont think you will find a better logo around

And with a small amount of members, why would i need more boards?? It a simple forum, and each board has its own image. Why do i need to post site news and stuff like that for?? just unnecessary.

Overall i don’t think you will find a better looking forum, nor one who has a better logo. The logo is made up of some quality art images, that contrast well

So again, im very disappointed by your review.

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