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Nov 14, 2010
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Site Name: Zephix Friendly Discussion
Site URL: http://www.zephix.org/
Description: Zephix is a friendly discussion community, I have found many ideas from many different forums and input them into my new forum, including category ideas. If you think a part of my forum is violating a copyright of your forum, let me know with the appropriate information and I will reason with you. We are looking to get off the ground, and believe me, we're trying hard. We just need a bit of participation and help and we can get there. Thanks for viewing this basic advertisement and we hope to see you active on Zephix sometime in the future. :)
Zephix has multiple themes for you to use, but our red theme is the default. You can change it through your User Control Panel.

Your Name on the Board: Mystify
It's ok, but i'm not a huge fan of the theme. What software are you using?
The forum looks surprisingly nice. I like the colors used for the default theme, they blend well together.

Darthmaul said:
It's ok, but i'm not a huge fan of the theme. What software are you using?
Zephix appears to be using phpBB.
Yes, I'm using phpBB. Sorry about your disliking of the theme. I have different colors to choose from in the UCP though...
I'm sorry but that's your opinion right now, and I'll deal with it when I do actually get a few more complaints on it. I'm not going to change the theme just to please one person, so I guess I'll have to go without one member. :/
Thanks Fluffy.
Your input is appreciated! :)
*meaningful bump*
We now have 30 members and counting!
That mod is finished... we have a new style and user blogs for privileged and V.I.P users.
We pruned some of our users, because they were all for sure, bots.
We are adding new things every day!
Come join our growing community!
We also have a brand new posting contest!
Come and try it out today!

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