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Aug 8, 2007
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URL: http://www.zigs-stuff.org

Zig's Stuff is a one stop place for computer and game information,tweaks,help,tutorials,chat,etc. Come check it out!

UserName: Zig
Re: Technet - Your Source For All Your Technical Needs

Sorry but you need atleast 4 posts to promote your forum here. Please increase you post count to atleast this amount by posting in the other sections or commenting on other people forums or i will have to trash this topic and remove the link.
Re: Technet - Your Source For All Your Technical Needs

I think that should cover it.
Re: Zig's Stuff - Come Check It Out! (UPDATED)

Hi all, just wanted to give a update. My site has re-launched and has a new look and working on some extra features so stay tuned for more details. Thanks
Re: Zig's Stuff - Come Check It Out! (UPDATED)

Its either your not doing very well or your just not advertising. It could be both. I noticed you have a real domain, not one of those .tk domains or whatever, which I like. Although, I wouldn't of bought the domain so soon because your forums are very small and slowly growing. Only 3 of your forums have more than ten posts by what I see and I don't even know what system you are running...(I would guess phpBB.) Your site seems to be about electronics although it only covers the basics...you could put an outdated systems forum which would be for the discussion of, well, outdated systems. And then you could put Windows, Mac, and Linux. And then inside those you could put another set of subforums for each outdated system. (For example "Outdated Systems > Windows > Windows XP").

Well, good luck with your forum! :wink:
Re: Zig's Stuff - Come Check It Out! (UPDATED)

Thanks for the review. This is a new site, my old site was Technet, but someone offered me a deal to host my site. I decided to launch my site under a new name. It has'nt even been added to the meta crawlers(search engines) yet. My last site had 183 members. I contacted my members and they are ok with a down time. Thanks again I always like feedback.
Re: Zig's Stuff - Come Check It Out! (UPDATED)

7 day Bump
Re: Zig's Stuff - Come Check It Out! (UPDATED)

Update: We have added new forums, and alot of content. We now have 9 members with 923 posts, and have had 7226 visitors as of Sept 2nd.

Weekly update.......

We now have 12 members,1129 posts, and 10,905 visitors.Wehave added some new forums and alot of new content.Check it out and join...

Our site is growing fast. Come and register and enjoy alot oof downloads.
Re: ............DON'T JUST USE BASIC FORUM RANKS................

UPDATE: We now have 30 members, 2000 posts, and 30000 site visits. We have the largest collection of forum rank images. If you have a forum you need to see what we have!
Re: ............DON'T JUST USE BASIC FORUM RANKS................

I visited, it's real nice. If I wasn't so busy working on my own forum at the moment, trying to get members from my old forum onto the new one, I would register and use your services.

If the site is not back up within 24hr this will be trashed
Our site is back online, new and improved. We switched to new software so the files such as ranks and such will be added soon.
UPDATE: We have now added our rank sets to our new site. We have over 400 sets, yes 400 sets.Come and check them out.
Zig's Stuff has been updated! We have been working hard on our new look and layout, It's a must see. We have our ranks and signature section back with even more. I know alot of users really liked that so we expanded on it. We also have a bigger and better Linux area in our forums. Come see! if you feel like you can contribute to our site then join our community. I will be giving weekly updates here so keep checking our post. See you all in a week.

Zig's Stuff now features a HUGE icons area we have over 98 icons posts featuring thousands of png icons. Come check it out!

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