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  1. Shortie_

    Discussion Updates (17/06/2024)

    Hey there forum lovers! We hope you are having a great start to your week! Summer is almost here and I would imagine many of you have plans for the summer! Hopefully, the weather stays great for all of us! Discussion Hub Goals Discussion Hub has reached a big milestone this past week with...
  2. Uncrowned Guard

    Introducing Uncrowned Addiction's "Community Highlights" - Amplifying Your Forum Content!

    We are thrilled to announce the launch of a brand-new feature aimed at giving your forums the spotlight they deserve - "Community Highlights"! This initiative is crafted with the sole purpose of amplifying the presence of your forums and ensuring that your content reaches a broader audience than...
  3. Shortie_

    Huge Memorial Day Sale at Revillution!

    We are currently offering 65% off at Revillution right now on all our user upgrades. These upgrades not only help to promote live streamers such as YouTube, Twitch, Kick, YouNow or Trovo but we also offer services as well to help you promote your forums, websites, and blogs! I will also throw...
  4. Shortie_

    What are your thoughts on users who just register on your forum to advertise?

    This is something I do not see often but on odd occasions, you will often find that some users will register on your forum just to advertise their own website, forum, or blog. This can often be seen as rude if they are not an active member of the community and many forum owners do not tolerate...
  5. Shortie_

    New Member Free Post Packages at Promotion Addicts!

    We are offering all current members who have not already had a new member free post package and also new members a free basic post package over at Promotion Addicts! All we ask is that you have made an introduction thread and have a total of 10 posts before you request :) You can only request...
  6. Shawn Gossman

    Feedback What has Forum Promotion done for your forum?

    As we enter our 15th year of being online, we'd love to know how Forum Promotion has helped you and your forum over the years?! Here's the post for you to brag about Forum Promotion and tell the world what great things it has done for your community! Let's show some FP love here!
  7. Shawn Gossman

    What is your forum marketing strategy these days?

    Do you have a strategy for promoting and marketing your message forum? A check list of things you do to promote traffic if you will? I'd love to read what your forum marketing strategies are! :)

    Template vs coding from scratch in 2018

    We're rounding up with the design of a forum website forumine majorly in PHP. However, in the process of coding, I stumbled upon various tools, websites, and plugins that simplify modern coding and surprising easy to use. I now have to choose between coding from scratch versus just using these...

    Continous 10/10 Daily posts for Any Niche

    We currently have a subscribed group of 19 Forum owners willing to expand our tentacles. We provide 10/10 Daily posts on our matched forum website for Any Niche. Sign up here. Join the train and watch your numbers grow tremendously. Match with me:

    Why pay for social media Ads for your business/website? Get it FREE!

    Site Name: Forumine URL: Type: Forum, Blog Site Info: Many spend decent time checking out their Alexa website's ranking, Make use of their specialized tool for the discovery of their traffic sources, Pay social networks to run ads, or some "SEO experts". A survey by Netcraft...

    Lets count to 1000...

    Growing old can be tough. The tougher part is when we don't value things that matter. Let's count to 1000 and hopefully we don't skip a line. 1
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